about M.A.D.
What M.A.D. is about?

Rob, the favourite anchor of kids' TV takes you on a fun-filled, interactive, creative journey, transforming ordinary materials into stimulating works of art with his MAD twist. Every single time you discover new styles, that are easy, and exciting, and for everyone to try and enjoy.

Armed with simple art tools like a pencil, paintbrush, colours and paper, Rob will take you on a creative joyride, and help you explore the world of possibilities through art. From new and easy painting techniques, to fun and exciting paper crafts. Playing with shadows and silhouettes, recycled boxes and bottles, was never so much fun! And to make the MAD experience even bigger and better, Rob allows his imagination and creativity to run wild, and gives us the most spectacular, most magnificent, most gigantic BIG Picture. So hop on board and get set for an art adventure like no other. Because MAD hai, toh sab cool hai!

  • About ROB

    Like a lot of kids, I used to love to draw. When other kids would be enjoying and reading the stories, we had to study in class; I'd be busy illustrating them, telling the same story in pictures.

    We used to have cousins over a lot during summer vacations. To keep them busy and entertained I'd draw characters for them to color. Soon I was creating my own superheroes.

    When school was over and I was preparing for medical entrance examinations, one of my friends told me he intended to apply to Art College and make art his profession. That got me thinking. I bought myself a prospectus for the same college and sat for the exam. I managed to clear the exam and from that moment onwards there was no looking back.

  • My Birthday

    My birthday is on the 28th of December (I thought it was a good time to born considering it was just between Christmas and New Year)

    Favorite color

    My favorite color is blue.

    Favorite Pet

    I have always been a dog person. I have two dogs back home in Delhi. A Labrador named Dexter and a Doberman named spike.

  • When I first auditioned for MAD:

    I was wearing a T-shirt, cargos and a bandana. They liked the look and I felt comfortable in it so it kind of became my look on the show. This is also pretty much my look off screen. Except I'm not just into bandanas. I love all sorts of headgears and have a whole collection of hats and caps.

    I went to school at St. Mary's in Delhi, did bachelors in fine arts from the Delhi College of art and studied animation film making at the national institute of design Ahmadabad.

    My favorite make..?? Hmm can't say I have a favorite it's the process that I enjoy much more than the end product.

    I prefer makes in which I end up recycling waste or junk material. And I love working with material that I can cut and sculpt and mould and break and finally recreate an innovative fashion.

    When I am not on MAD, I'm working on my graphic novel, designing new quirky characters and building stories around the for animated films and comic books, watching movies, playing games on my play station or computer, practicing magic tricks.

  • Favorite movies?

    There are too many movies I love to pick up a few favorites. But off the top of my head (and I know I must be forgetting the best ones!)

    Jaane bhi do Yaaron, Indiana Jones and the temple of doom, Wallace and grommet, Madagascar, lock, stock and two smoking barrels, Andaaz Apna Apna, Mr. India, superman, Chupke Chupke, et, treasure planet, Sincity, o brother where are thou?, the beach, the shining, the big fish, fearless vampire killers.

  • My motto in life

    If you can dream it, you can do it.

    Favorite cartoons

    Tom and Jerry, Bugs bunny and Spiderman.

    My favorite sport

    is basketball but I don't have a current favorite sportsperson.

  • Now that you know me, I'd like to know more about you... you can drop an email at Write to M.A.D.

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