Chhota Bheem

Bheem is an adventurous and fun-loving nine-year-old who is gifted with extraordinary strength. This power is a boon for Dholakpur, Bheem's village,which is constantly under threat. This little kid has a BIG heart and he always uses his strength to help those who are wronged or needy. Bheem loves food and has a special weakness for laddoos, which in fact, give him a surge of energy and make him even stronger than he is.


Chutki is a seven-year-old girl, who is simple, graceful and intelligent. She is Bheem's closest friend, and she matches Bheem's "brawn" with her "brain". This makes her Bheem's ever-present assistant on all their fabulous adventures. Chutki's no ordinary girl-for while she's responsible about her household chores and gentle towards all creatures of the forest, she is ruff 'n' tough too. She simply loves playing with the boys! She has a soft spot for Bheem and is always making his favourite food items for him! She even helps him steal laddoos from her mother's sweet shop.


Kalia or Kalia Pehalwan, is an eleven years old bully. He is bulky, and strong. He is jealous of Bheem's popularity and strength and always tries to make Bheem look bad and tries to land him in trouble. He picks on children younger and weaker than him to prove he is strong. All the children fear him and Kalia is very proud of that! Kalia has two silly followers, twins - Dholu and Bholu, who sometimes help him in his plans and at other times completely abandon him!


Raju is a cute and courageous four-year-old, who totally hero worships Bheem. Raju's size belies his courage, which he gets from his father, the Senapati of the king's army. When his rivals, the bumbling Dholu and Bholu, pick on him, Raju can hold his ground; and that's not all! His loyalty to Bheem also makes him take on the big, burly Kalia Pahelwan. Raju loves playing war games, especially one where Bheem is the 'Raja' and he is the 'Senapati' and dreams of becoming the commander of the King's army someday.


Jaggu's speciality is that he is a talking monkey. He is Bheem's adoring pet and close friend. Jaggu has his own special way of solving problems, using tricks and his amazing sense of humour! Jaggu and Bheem always have fun together, be it exploring forests or helping people with their chores. From him, Bheem learns crazy but useful activities like swinging from trees. Whenever they are really hungry, it's Jaggu who assists Bheem in stealing laddoos. He also loves playing tricks on Dholu, Bholu and Kalia. All the children adore Jaggu because he always entertains them and makes them laugh.

Dholu Bholu

Dholu and Bholu are the cowardly followers of Kalia Pahelwan. They are identical twins who dress and behave alike. Though they are not strong themselves, they bask in Kalia's strength and are arrogant with the other kids. They pick on younger children like Raju, but fear Bheem very much. Even though they are lazy and like to avoid chores, Kalia orders them to do his share of work. Dholu and Bholu are extremely dumb and keep getting into awfully silly situations. Occasionally, they allow themselves to be bribed by Bheem and Chutki and are therefore not always loyal to Kalia.