Grizzy - Strong as a Bear

GRIZZY has everything a bear needs to be happy. And like all other bears, in theory, he should have no other goal in life than fishing and taking naps on the rocks.
But since he is the most feared predator, not to mention the most colossal creature in the Canadian wilderness, it seems only natural to him that he should benefit from certain prerogatives – special privileges to which the lower ranking animals in the food chain do not have access.

The Lemmings - One for all

The LEMMINGS are a tribe of around forty identical individuals. At first glance they look like inoffensive little balls of fur. In reality, they are extremely interfering creatures who behave like a gang of stupid, dim-witted teenage pranksters.

The LEMMINGS only exist and move in a group. The «group» for them is not the sum of their individual personalities, rather an entity that is superior to individuals and personal interests.