Kris is an intelligent and naughty boy growing up in a boarding school, where every day he faces new challenges at school. Blessed by Lord Krishna, he has superpowers that kids can only wish for.

He uses his powers to protect his friends and fight the evil king Kanishk and his demonic minions from the netherworld.


Posing as the principal of the boarding school, the evil demon king Kanishk hatches dastardly plans to get rid of the pesky Kris. He has an ulterior motive to take over the world with his evil army of zombie demons!


Kris’ guardian angel, Sukhi is a magical being who knows Kris’ super power secrets. He poses as a gatekeeper and keeps a check on Kanishk’ s evil plans. He also runs an STD booth outside the school.


Kris’ best friend is Bablu, he is loyal and always there for him. He is a little scared of Golu - the school Bully!


Smart, Studious and Miss Right! Pinky is also Kris’s best friend and helps him in his studies . She is very feisty and can easily take on the school bully - Golu!


The Big Bully and Kris’s arch-rival at school, Golu bullies students, eats their lunch and forces them to do his homework.

Dr J

The evil and cunning Dentist at large! Dr. J. wouldn’t mind pulling out a tooth or two if he finds the students being difficult. He helps Kanishk wage his war against Kris.

Mr. Ranga

Ranga, a demon from the netherworld is summoned by Kanishk as a visiting professor for art. Ranga’s magic brush can bring any painting to life!

Mr. Taraka

Demon King Kanishk’s cousin, Mr Taraka teaches Maths, terrorizing the students with diffiicult equations and helping Kanishk with his evil plans against Kris.

Ms. Suparna

Evil Demon King Kanishk’s minion, Ms Suparna poses as a chemistry teacher at the School. She helps Kanishk with his demonic plans to get rid of Kris and create a zombie army.