LambuG is the Happy-Go-Lucky savior of Buddy Badi Valley. By heart, he is a selfless dude, always eager to help people in distress. But by his physique, LambuG is a skilled fighter and an unbelievably fast runner, who is surprisingly as flexible as an extraordinary elastic {literally). LambuG can stretch his hands and legs to unimaginable forms when it comes to nabbing the bad guys. And after getting a grip on them, he makes sure to beat the daylights out of their sight. LambuG is also an accomplished cook and loves to prepare mouth-wa­tering dishes, exclusively for his best friend, TinguG.


Like LambuG, TinguG is also an affable go-getter, who daringly ventures into the dangerous terrains of the bad guys to protect the Buddy Badi Valley people facing unpredictable threats. Though in contrast, TinguG is innocently overdramatic, due to which, he gets easily swayed and deceived, thereby landing himself in the trap of the bad guys, unknowingly. But since TinguG is no coward, rather he is unconditionally fearless by heart, he can bounce back even in the most disastrous situations. Thanks to TinguG’s extreme physical abilities, he can launch like a fierce rocket and also roll like a vivacious speed ball, enabling him to effortless­ly dislodge the bad guys like bowling pins.


Rakhi is LambuG-TinguG's 'so-called' sister. She is a vibrant lady and is always beaming with positivity. She effectively manages LambuG-TinguG’s office by attending umpteen task queries through phone calls and client visits. Rakhi is immensely firm in her follow-ups. which leaves LambuG-TinguG overwhelmed if they are behind schedule.


Alia is a dynamic young lady. driven by adventure. A master fighter from another city. doing simnar tasks just like LambuG-TinguG. Rut despite being a better fighter than them. Alia never brags her prowess as she is simply impressed by LambuG-TinguG’s abilities and considers them as her best buddies. Whereas for Lambuji-Tinguji, Alia is their secret crush!


Tau is a hyper-active senior citizen, motivated by wellness. He owns Buddy Badi Valley Fitness Center & encourages everyone to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Because of his devotion to wholesomeness, Tau's mustache is blessed with magical muscle powers that flex & function like additional hands when he tackles bizarre situations.


Chachi is Tau's 90 gears old talkative mother and his ardent fan. She keeps motivating Tau with her tips and lauds about him to anyone & everyone.


Akkad-Bakkad-Bambay-Bo are Tau's devoted followers, mustache fans & fitness buddies. They are also popular as "Tau Ke Chele" and exemplify the pinnacle of fitness offered by Tau. They are highly capable of using their muscle power but critically lack the basic presence of mind that often puts Tau in trouble.


Khattimeethi is Tau's 6 gears old vivacious granddaughter, bursting with energy & ideas. She is also a huge fan of LambuG-TinguG and she aspires to be like them, one day. Hence LambuG-TinguG often spend time with Khattimeethi while she makes sure to understand their super skills, as much possible.

Chhota Dabang

Chhota Dabang is Tau's 12 years old naughty grandson, who keeps messing everyone's peace of mind with his pranks. Spirited with the overconfidence of being Tau's grandson, Chhota Dabang blatantly challenges powerful rogues & lands up in trouble. For which Tau has to run helter-skelter to rescue him, each time.


Jadibooti is a middle-aged herb therapist who can solve any lifeform ailment with the power of his herb mixtures. Being spiritually inclined, Jadibooti is always happy. He sports a beard which store many gadgets that help LambuG-TinguG save the day for Buddy Badi Valley.

Inspector Akad Singh

Inspector Akad Singh is a diligent senior police officer, who never lets anyone take undue advantage of the law. He is ever ready to pounce on crime that ruins the peace of Buddy Badi Valley, until he stiffs out due to a chronic back sprain, thereby jeopardizing all his action plans.


Rustom is a food lover & a great cook. He runs the Irani Hotel at Khau Galli of Buddy Badi Valley, besides also being a souIful accordion music player. Rustom has a natural flair of servility and enthralls his customers with mouth-watering cuisines, along with mesmerizing accordion music.

Gopi Guide MBA

Gopi Guide, MBA is Buddy Badi Valley's famous tour guide, who is well educated & highly enchanting with words. He treats every business as an equal opportunity, that enables him to joyfully run his side business of selling chickpeas on a hand barrow, whne proudly sporting his graduation cap.

Tattu’s 4 Goons

Tattu's 4 Goons are Right Hand, Left Hand, Right Leg & Left Leg. He has named these duo twins based on the extraordinary strength of their respective limbs. So when Tattu indulges in crime. the goons provide him with robust defense individually and a lethal attack when they team up.

Tattu Bhai Choriwala

Tattu Bhai Choriwala is a notorious gangster, driven to rob anyone. People run into hiding, as Tattu passes on his donkey called PONY.