Astro Happo

Astro Happo dreams of being the first Happo to fly to the moon. She’s brave and never gives up.

With the help of a rocket or a super powered jet pack, she aims to soar amongst the stars.

Most likely to say ‘Fly me to the Moon’

Ballerina Happo

Ballerina Happo loves to perform. She is graceful. She is elegant and performs exquisite footwork or mind-boggling spins. When confronted with noise, dirt or dodgy dancing partners, her prima donna personality comes out. She loves being in the spotlight and pleasing her adoring fans.

Most likely to say ‘I’m ready for my close up’

Bollywood Happo

Bollywood Happo wants to get the whole world dancing to the bhangra beat. Her mission is to spread joy. She’s feisty and won’t take no for an answer. She is surprisingly fast but very nimble.

She has some awesome martial arts moves up her sleeve should she need them.

Most likely to say ‘Let’s Dance’.

Flower Happo

Flower Happo is the peace maker. A dreamer, with an artistic nature, she is able to create harmony and calm. Unaware of the chaos around her,

Flower Happo can always be relied on to come up with fun ways to return harmony when needed.

Most likely to say ‘Peace and Love’

Handy Happo

Handy Happo loves to create, build, saw, hammer and fix. With a full toolkit around his waist, he is always ready to help a Happo in need. Handy Happo never refuses a building challenge.

He is a construction genius with a tendency to over-engineer. This leads to crazy building structures as his enthusiasm knows no boundaries

. Most likely to say ‘Not a problem’

Party Happo

Party Happo is the life and soul of the enclosure. He has boundless energy and unwavering enthusiasm. He loves to dance and spread joy to the Happos.

He is the improviser of the group and always acts before he thinks. There is never a dull moment when Party Happo is around.

Most likely to say ‘Paaarttty!’

Pirate Happo

Pirate Happo is an adventurer, a dashing man of action. With the help of his parrot, Napoleon, Pirate Happo searches the enclosure for treasure and treats. He sails across the lagoon on his pirate ship but has a fear of water.

He is the only Happo who can’t swim but has self-inflating yellow water wings and Napoleon to get him out of watery fixes.

Most likely to say ‘Land Ahoy!’

Sporty Happo

Sporty Happo is fast. She is agile. Above all she is determined. She dreams of being a sporting hero.

Whether completing the perfect high board dive or scoring a winning goal on the pitch, Sporty Happo always gives 100% effort to any challenge.

Most likely to say ‘Game On!’